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So Simple - No Fuss - Easy to Claim!

Get Your Free Teeth Whitening Kit 😁 My Smile.jpg

The Deal

  1. Book with a ✓ Featured Dentist

  2. Must Be Your First Visit

  3. Fill Out the Claim Form

After Your Visit

  1. Send a Copy of Your Dental Receipt

  2. Fill Out the Claim Form

  3. We Ship Every 2 Weeks

Because Your Smile Matters

 Claim Your "My Smile" Teeth Whitening Kit →

Are you eligible for this offer?

✓ You must be at least 19 years of age or older and living in Canada to file the Claim.

✓ You booked & completed your first NEW appointment with a Featured Dentist on

✓ Your appointment was completed within the qualifying time period and regions being offered.

✓ Your first appointment must include a check up and cleaning with any other service you require.

✓ This marks your initial claim within the last two years, and it's the first time you've visited this dentist.

✓ All information on the "Claim Form" must be completed in full - so that we can verify with the Dentist.


There are two convenient ways to submit a claim:

Online Form: Please fill out the online form and attach a single piece of photo ID along with your dental receipt from your new dentist for confirmation.

Email: Kindly send us the details outlined in our Claim Form via email, along with one piece of photo ID and your dental receipt from your new dentist for the purpose of verification.


How Long Does it Take?  Upon receiving confirmation from your dentist, we will promptly send out the "My Smile" Teeth Whitening Kit. Please expect delivery within 7 to 30 days from the date of verification.

What's Next?

If you had a positive experience with, why not spread the joy to your family and friends? By doing so, not only can they enjoy a generous $50 discount, but they'll also receive a complimentary Teeth Whitening Kit.

Isn't this an incredible offer? Share the smiles and savings today!

your smile matters

Do you have any questions? Our team is here to assist you.

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