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Surpassing the Ordinary Dental Directory, Emerges as Canada's Leading Dental Patient Acquisition Partner, Highlighting Exceptional Dentists Across Canada.

Company Charter

​​Our Enduring Purpose

To provide the best possible service to all our clients.


Our Future Focus

To make $500,000,000 in dental appointments each calendar year.


Our Timeless Values

We are an attractive company operated by productive, curious, high-energy, extraordinarily inspired, integrity-powered leaders committed to the people we serve.


Our Guiding Principles

Our income is a measure of the value we bring to the marketplace.
As we grow, new challenges will arrive. These challenges just test our commitment and will ultimately strengthen us.
We can’t always do things right… however we can always do the right thing. Values are critical to the success of any great company. If values are absent, the structure is unstable and incomplete.


Our Operational Practices

We employ fun, exciting, competent and extraordinary self-starters.
We work together as a team, which is our competitive edge.
We encourage self-fulfillment through personal development.
We build people up by recognizing their accomplishments.
We live with unyielding integrity and are impeccable with our word.
We are open to everything and attached to nothing.
We have a passion to excellence and an amazing attention to detail.

We exceed all expectations by doing the unexpected.

We amaze our customers… not just satisfy them.

We pursue simplicity and recognize that everything can be simplified, eliminated or improved.


Our Promise

We promise to be true to our enduring purpose, make every effort to achieve our future focus and take consistent action in line with our values, guiding principles and operational practices.

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